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We offer a curated selection of operational services.

Workflow Management

We believe in a Tao approach to everything. Find balance. Carve the valley. Let the water and energy fill the valley naturally. Our management method is Sustainable,Scalable,Serene.
We hand-select clients we desire to work with yet are open to inquiries.

A Zen Approach to Organization

Business Operations

We specialize in full business operations for nomadic workers who embrace creativity and seek enlightenment. We are millenials ourselves and we thrive in open work environments, having built intentional communities internationally with thousands of employees.

Looking at the bigger picture, we manage cafes, training programs, company culture, housing, agriculture, import/export, procurement, IaaS, and all other areas needed for large scale operations.

Co-living creative spaces are vital to long term growth for the workforce and communities. How can 10,000 employees thrive together for the next 100 years while being sustainable, happy, and productive? We have the answers.

Data analysis and progression tracking are key to managing any successful model. We've designed our own analytical tools for use by staff and easy to monitor and implement by leaders.

Full Service in ERP

Enterprise Resource Planning

We design communities Z to A to ensure traffic flow, space utilization, and energy usage are all accounted for. Managing the day to day operations of ERP is the last step in an investment, which should be streamlined and stress free. Thus, we put most of our focus on the preparation, automation, and design a cohesive story that matches the property's best interest.

We let properties speak to us and use our years of experience to guide profits in predictable directions while expanding our portfolio at a steady pace. We include landscaping, tenant acquisition, lease management, and maintenance in all of our services.

Tao Management empowers families and partners with career services, staffing agencies, and life coaching programs to ensure households are well intentioned. Taking care of tenants ultimately will take care of the properties they reside in.

Flow with Enterprise Solutions

Solution Architecture

Tao Management has a financial presence in over a dozen countries and imports/exports in all major economic ports. We streamline workflow so physical products are delivered using a MVP philosophy. Virtual products and services also are setup with an MVP model. Having a tao approach to all we do allows our managers and staff to move between multiple companies, multiple international markets and use the best practice as economies shift.

The business market is dynamic and we constantly adapt our model to reflect partnerships and contracts with countries who align with our needs and ultimately service our customers without restraints. We negotiate better agreements for agriculture, data, and finances on the world market and have unique trade relations that allow us to pass on our strategies to our partners for reliable and cost-effective solutions.

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Our Team

Operating Partner Matthew Hackney

We represent over a dozen nations with staff in China, Pakistan, Philippines, USA, Central America, Eastern Europe, and Russia. We are proud of our diversity and continue to reach into new territory.

Pictured is founder and Operating Partner, Matthew Hackney. Mr. Hackney is versed in many cultures, holds international licenses in multiple fields, and leads the Tao Management teams to new ground each year.

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