About Us

Everything you need to know about our Company

Tao Process

We bring a tao approach to all we do. Balance, patience, harmony is the key to success. Being thankful for our shortcomings. Honoring those who see theirselves as competitors. We are in business to serve families and communities and remind our staff of that every day. We see all of life as work, yet we see all of live as play. We blend the tangible with the intangible and meditate as much as we act.

Open Workflow

Our management practice embraces an open environment. We document our rules and procedures and then share them with other companies. We consult with leaders to share what has worked best for us and what we avoid based on our own research and experience. We also follow the teachings of ancient wisdom and share those resources with everyone who desires whether they see TaoMGT as a company or a way of life.

Connect for a Reason.

Yes, we build companies, products, and provide services. At a deeper level, we recognize the dharma that brings us together. We allow our staff to choose the direction they feel their spirit needs to learn. If this slows down workflow, it is not our mission to get in the way of the spirit. We honor the reasons we may flow in and out of each others lives and how our teams have a personality of their own. There is a divine mission and we are listeners as much as leaders.


Operating Partner Matthew Hackney

We represent over a dozen nations with staff in China, Pakistan, Philippines, USA, Central America, Eastern Europe, and Russia. We are proud of our diversity and continue to reach into new territory.

Pictured is founder and Operating Partner, Matthew Hackney. Mr. Hackney is versed in many cultures, holds international licenses in multiple fields, and leads the Tao Management teams to new ground each year.

We value all of our staff and respect their desire to not be listed online.